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Black Friday Blog!

Black Friday is upon us! It’s a very odd time for us here in the UK, as Black Friday is technically an American event but we didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

You might not know much about Black Friday, other than it can be great to pick up some crazy deals and Christmas gifts. It is also can be great to find a deal on a particular product you were after to which you can treat yourself.

The great Parks and Recreation TV series would always advise you to ‘Treat yo self!’

A brief history lesson

Now, before I tell you about Black Friday at Sonner Toys, I want to give you some context on the event. It originated in the USA, the American’s celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November and the Friday after is when this unofficial Holiday Event begins.

Due to people being off from work for Thanksgiving, companies decided that this particular Friday would be a great time to have some sales. It would also ease people into the Christmas season. The most effective way to get people buying is to offer some crazy deals.

The UK began to catch onto this trend. Between 2010 and 2013 it started to pick up more and more. 2014 was when Black Friday hit its peak in the UK. Since this moment, more and more retailers have joined the hype and started discounting products during this time.

It is run slightly different over here, as a lot of retailers start discounting products before Friday.  Although, the best deals are sometimes kept secret until Friday.

Black Friday at Sonner Toys

Now, all this talk about deals probably has you wondering what we are doing. Well, I am very excited to tell you that we will be having a HUGE sale and revealing some NEW and EXCLUSIVE products. It will also be our first of many events running over the December period!

The Deals (Running from Friday-Sunday)

20% Off Everything (Except Hot Toys which are 10% Off)

2 for £18 on Selected Funko Products

Funko American Exclusives Released!

These deals allow you to pick up some Christmas presents at a lower price than usual or allows you to treat yourself without feeling guilty afterwards. (You had to get it, it was on sale! - That is what I tell myself anyway) 

The Stock    

Black Friday!Black Friday!

Black Friday! Black Friday!

Here is a small view of what's available over the weekend! This is a great chance to buy some of our newer products at a lower price.

I am already eyeing up a lot of these products myself. If you haven’t yet, I’d highly recommend catching the new season of Ricky and Morty, available on the catch-up service All4. I managed to watch it yesterday, after seeing this new wave of products, and it was incredible. It reminded me why I loved Rick and Morty, and you can catch this entire range of Funko’s in that first episode.

I know now that I can’t wait for the weekend and I hope these deals have enticed you enough to pay a visit. So, be sure to head over to us at Sonner Toys this weekend from Friday-Sunday to grab yourself a Black-Friday deal or to kick start that Christmas shopping. 

See you there! - Craig

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