Introducing: Craig's Collectable Corner

Introduction -

Introducing: Craig's Collectable Corner


Welcome to the first blog post of Craig's Collectable Corner. This will be the first in a series of blog posts that gives you a little bit more insight into our store, our products and more. I wanted to start this post first and foremost by telling you a little a bit about Sonner Toys and what to expect from us and these blogs in the future. 

About Sonner Toys 

A business born in Portsmouth, we pride ourselves on all things related to geek culture. Geek culture has grown massively over the last few years, and it has even taken a substantial hold over both movies and TV. We can thank Disney and Marvel for that! Due to this growth, more and more collectable products have been created. That is where we come in! 

SonnerToys or SonnerCollectilbes LTD is an official retailer of multiple manufacturers of collectables including Hot Toys, Sideshow, Funko, NECA, LEGO, Hasbro, Titan, Tomy, McFarlane, Pokemon and many more. 

At Sonner, we love the products we sell. We are huge geeks about all things related to Films, Comics, Games and TV. We understand that for most, including ourselves, these hobbies act as a pleasant distraction from our normal lives.

Over the last few years, Sonner has grown rapidly, a crowning achievement was opening our first store in our home city of Portsmouth. Feel free to pop in some time!

What is next for us? 

I hope that gave you a good idea of the sort of company we are. The best part of it all is that this is just the beginning for us. We have plenty of exciting news and events to share with you on our Social Media and on this Blog. Be sure to follow us! That way, you can keep up with everything going on.

The most important event for us next is celebrating our Birthday! The store is officially 1 year old on the 2nd of November. Please do pop in and see us that weekend. There is a lot of exciting things happening, including FREE CAKE and a HUGE sale. What more could you want! 

This event is one of the many that will be running at Sonner Toys over the next year. This is just one of the many areas we want to grow in as a company. We also plan to have more sales, we will be increasing our comic convention presence and improving our online activity. 

We welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have. So be sure to let us know what you think! 

What to expect from this blog? 

As for this blog, this post is a little different from some of the others we have in mind. The aim of the blog will be to both promote and celebrate everything going on within Sonner Toys. We want to be able to let you know what events we have, what our latest stock is and so on. We also want it to be a place where we can share our thoughts on any of the latest collectable news. 

All these posts will be written by me (Craig) and I will make sure to fit in a blog post that shows off my personal collection so that you can get to know a bit more about the kind of geek I am. 

If there is anything else you'd like me to do, then please let us know! 

I hope that interests you and I look forward to seeing you again soon! 



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