Daz's Mystery Box

Our Operations Director Daz is a huge Funko Fanatic, so much so, his mystery box has been a customer favourite since it's first run back in 2015, to it's last in 2017, and now, it returns. There are 3 different Mystery Boxes to choose from:

Silver: Will guarantee you 1 of a number of common Funko products, perfect for new collectors, or those trying to bulk out their collection,

Gold: Will guarantee you 1 of a number of; Exclusive, Chase, Supersize, Movie Moments or common funko products, all carefully selected with the latest brands and harder to find items in mind. This is a must for any Funko Fanatic looking for a deal! 

Elite: This box pops up randomly, a surprise, every now and then. In it you'll be guaranteed one item out of every single funko item we've ever stocked, including; Rare, Chase, Exclusives, Supersize, Movie Moments, and Grails (Not in any other box!), all for the price of a Silver box. Make sure to follow our social medias, it's the only warning you'll get when it's live!

Daz’s Mystery Box's are only available for a selected time. Happy Collecting!