Living Dead Dolls: Bride of Chucky - Chucky & Tiffany

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Could you name a more dangerous love story? Nope, not even Romeo and Juliet have anything on these homicidal dolls! 

Chucky, the homicidal doll who contains the spirit of Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer better known as "The Lakeshore Strangler", is now joined by his beloved Tiffany, the doll who contains the soul of his longtime paramour, a misguided and equally homicidal aspiring actress. Both dolls feature real cloth clothing; Chucky in his well known coveralls and sneakers, and Tiffany in her fashion forward wedding gown with "leather" jacket. Tiffany also sports her trademark tattoo.Each doll stands ten inches tall. Both Chucky and Tiffany come together in a double window box.